What is 1 Million Hours?
1 Million Hours is an initiative of FacetoFace Ministries in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe in the power of prayer.
Our goal is to get as many people as possible uniting in prayer for the world and collectively reaching 1 Million Hours of prayer.

How many times can I submit my prayers?
As often as you have honestly prayed for the world regarding COVD-19.
1) If you pray 15 minutes every day for it then you are encouraged to submit those minutes daily.
2) If you pray a rosary in the morning and then some other way in the evening you can submit those prayers separately right after they happen meaning you are submitting twice in one day, or you can submit them together only once at the end of the day.

Can I submit any time that I have spent in prayer?
We are encouraging time spent in prayer to only be submitted if you have prayed for the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.
1) If you lift the pandemic up as a prayer intention for Mass then submit the entire time you participated in Mass.
2) If you spend time in prayer every morning that includes a morning offering (5mins), scripture (10 mins), and petitions/intercessions including the pandemic (10 mins), then only put the 10 minutes specifically for that intention.

What if we have prayed as a family or group of people together?
If you prayed as a group you can do either:
1) Add the collective time in prayer from everyone together and submit it once. For example, 10 people praying for 30 minutes would equal 5 hours of total prayer submitted once. (Best for larger groups)
2) Have each person submit their own amount of time spent in prayer.

Is there a date that you want to reach 1 million hours by?
Our goal is to reach 1 Million Hours by 2021.

How will I know my hours have been received?
When you submit your hours online you will receive a response message saying;
Thank you for helping change the world through your prayers!
So you are aware, it may take some time for your hours to be updated on the website.
Please pray every day and trust that God’s will be done.
God Bless,
FacetoFace Ministries

Who is FacetoFace Ministries?
FacetoFace Ministries is a youth evangelization ministry. We lead events that inspire people to strive for holiness by living and proclaiming the fullness of the Catholic Faith. Our vision is that all people encounter Christ and embrace the call to be saints.